Portal Applications

A suite of web-based applications is just another example of our continuing commitment to service. Use the links below to access these applications.


Use our job portal to browse and find your perfect job!

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Advantage Resourcing Client Portal

Who's working for me this week? How much did I spend on that order?

Answer these questions and more. In the Customer and Client Portal you can: enter timecards, view assignment information, keep a pulse on order status and much more.

Access the Advantage Resourcing Client Portal

Advantage Resourcing Associate Portal

Entering timecards and keeping your information up-to-date couldn't be easier. In the Employee and Candidate Portal you can: enter timecards, view assignment details, view check history, and more.

Access the Advantage Resourcing Associate Portal

Advantage Resourcing Representative Portal

On-demand access for our staffing associates.

Access the Advantage Resourcing Representative Portal

Account Maintenance

Visit the account maintenance page to manage your account. You can retrieve a forgotten account name or password. You can also get started with your registration.

Access Account Maintenance